Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring and a Local Field Trip

In the last week, Spring has finally arrived. This local scarecrow is always in seasonal fashion.

The bleeding hearts in my garden are out and thriving, and the clematis is making a great comeback. (I'll post the before and after pictures later.)

One of the highlights of my weekend was a local concert with Judy Collins and Nanci Griffith. I have made it to several Judy Collins concerts over the years, er, decades, and she is certainly looking better than I am!

The other highlight of my weekend was a visit to the Franklin Street Studios' open studios, especially that of Rayna Gillman, on the left in this picture. Not the best shot, but I hope you get an idea of her wonderful work.

Now off to do a little more work of my own.


Rayna said...

Talking with my hands, as usual. Or hand, since the other was holding my wine. Thanks, Rachel - it was a fun day. And your flowers are looking good.

Doreen G said...

Hi Rayna
I have followed your blog from a comment you made on Purple missus about the Harry Potter buttons.
If you e-mail me your home address I will send you a couple if you would like them.
My e-mail address is on my blog
Regards Doreen