Friday, April 13, 2007

Annual Field Trip

This is Glassmyer's in Lititz, Pennsylvania. We stop here for lunch on our way to the Quilt Heritage Celebration show at Lancaster. Glassmyer's is open only for breakfast and lunch, so we have to restrain ourselves from stopping to buy fabric before lunch. Not so easy, as we pass a great place called Weaver's on the way. After lunch at this simple, little, old-fashioned luncheonette, we head back to Weaver's for unrestrained fabric buying.

Several friends and I have been making this trip for many years. We have our favorite stops for both fabric and food. It's only two days, but a great time is had by all.

At the show, I saw several quilts by Quilt Art list members, including Sue Reno and Gloria Hansen. I also had a chance to have a quick conversation with Michelle Verbeeck who has a special exhibit at the show. (Yes, Virginia, there are nudes in Lancaster!)

Now, I'm back home recovering from sensory overload. I'm busily catching up on laundry so I can get to the fabric that has been "batching" for too long since I dyed it on Monday. Can hardly wait to see how it turns out.


Carol said...

Looking forward to seeing the results

takinanap said...

quilter's heritage - my favorite place to spend a full pay check! hope it was fun. didn't get there this year. will keep an eye on the blog to see what you bought.

portland maine

Rayna said...

Oh, right. I forgot about Lancaster. Did you see Usha? Will catch up with you next week.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

It was great to see Quilt National pieces in person. I spent a lot of time looking at that white-on-white piece from England.