Friday, April 3, 2009

Annual Pilgrimage

I'm back from my annual trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where for two days I enjoy food, friends, and fabric. The weather was on the damp side, but nothing can deter us from hitting our annual high points, including lunch at Glassmyers in Lititz where we go for sustenance in the form of BLTs before the fabric hunt.

Nothing fancy, but awfully tasty and a once-a-year treat.

Then it was on to various locations in search of that "must-have" fabric. After visiting Zook's, I was surprised to find this fellow staring at me.

One of my purchases was backing for a small oak leaf and reel quilt. Every now and then I feel the need to work on something more traditional, and I think this is the next project. I completed the applique blocks a while ago--well, a long while ago--and I think it's time they got put together before they become a forlorn little pile in an antiques shop.

Also enjoyed seeing the quilt exhibits at QHL. Always neat to see the work of people I know only online. And also great to see award-winning work created by people I know in "real life."

As fun as this annual trip is, it's also a time for me to quietly pay respects to the part of the family that arrived in the Lancaster area almost three hundred years ago and built a homestead that still stands.