Monday, November 24, 2008

After the Fall

Ah, the irony! Just as I began to increase my walking, on the day after I last posted, I failed to pay enough attention to the notoriously uneven sidewalks of my town. Down I went. A long story short: my left knee is on the mend. Nothing was broken, but general repairs included two hospital stays. Ugh. I am SO over this and want to get back to fun. The flowers pictured above were sent to me by my art group Studio Six, and they were just gorgeous.

This is one of three pieces in my series I'm calling Celestial Navigation. (Ignore the background bits.) Unfortunately I didn't get around to basting any of them before I fell, so the only handwork I had ready while I was incapacitated was hexagons. Don't ask. If I ever make enough hexagons to put together into something, I've already titled it Hexagony.

This is a detail of the above piece. I hope to move forward on this and the other two in the not-too-distant future. I've also been tagged and plan to address that in the next couple weeks, now that I can get to the third floor computer.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.


Rayna said...

Woo Hoo - a blog post!! Good. Yes, the flowers are indeed gorgeous - but we miss you!

Well, at least you don't have to cook this year for the holiday - LOL - I HOPE.

Fabric soaking in buckets - I think it's time to take them out and rinse them. Shibori at home - will the magic hold??

Rachel said...

Loved seeing all your shibori. It is indeed magical! Someday I'll do something with what I made in Jan's workshop at Breaking New Ground.

No turkey responsibilities this year, but will still make the sausage stuffing my guys wait a year for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Eva said...

A little late with my comment -- but I hope to be able to give a hint. I used to fall quite often, once on ice, and had a slightly torn ligament in my foot which took 6 weeks to heal. One of the reasons may have been: The organ of equilibrium in my right ear doesn't work properly. -- Hoping you'll stay on top -- Eva

Rachel said...

Eva, thanks so much for your kind thoughts. Unfortunately I don't think I can blame this one on my ears: it was definitely my feet on our town's notoriously uneven bluestone (slate) sidewalks, which weren't wet or icy. Think of these sidewalks as examples of plate techtonics. There has been much controversy about whether the town or property owner is responsible for the maintenance. Ironically, yesterday morning the town--with no notification--started tearing up the very sidewalk I fell on.