Saturday, October 18, 2008

Walking Around the Neighborhood

Maybe because it's the time of year and the days are (finally) getting colder, that I remember all the new year's resolutions I didn't keep. So I've been doing more walking--with the little dog--around the neighborhood lately. They aren't very long walks at this point and at least the dog starts panting before I do. As the leaves begin to turn and fall, I revel in the intensity of the strong afternoon sun as it highlights the gorgeous colors that surround me. I love the crunch of the leaves as we walk through them, although the dog's coat and his nearness to the ground seem to vacuum them up.

This is my favorite little uphill part of the walk. I've been watching the top of this tree gradually change color from one little tip of red.

And here was a surprise at the bottom of one of the larger trees along the way. I thought it was incredible when I first saw it, but always forgot to take my camera along. It was beautiful at first and I was regretting I had no picture then, but it has gotten even more beautiful as it deteriorates and leaves begin to cover it.

On a quilt-related note, some of you may remember the red blob piece from this blog way back in November 2007. It is now finished and entitled Orbit. I didn't post it sooner as it was one of my entries into Quilt National. As I didn't get in, I can now share it with you. I have to apologize for the color, however. For some reason the post to the blog makes it more brown than it actually is; it really has a brighter, slightly redder tone.

Here's a detail. I'm still in love with the embroidery stitch I've been using and seem to be stitching circles on everything lately. I have three more pieces in the Navigation series to baste and quilt, but it's the basting part that I really dislike. Even listening to the music shuffle on my iPod isn't much help getting through it. Here's hoping I move forward.


Rayna said...

Hey! Was thinking of you today. I keep meaning to take pix of the leaves but at this point, most are past their "sell by" date and when they were at their prime I never had my camera with me.

Sorry about QN - but oh, well. At least you entered, which is more than I did.

Cathy Kleeman said...

Rachel -
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