Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sometimes Art Needs Some History

While I may be searching for the light switch regarding art quilts, I find that the history of quilts is also illuminating. A couple weeks ago I attended the American Quilt Study Group seminar in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. There, my friend and colleague Barbara Schaffer and I presented a study center on "The Characteristics of New Jersey Quilts", based on our previous book, New Jersey Quilts: Contributions to an American Tradition. We also led a round table luncheon discussion on Florence Peto, the subject of the recently published A Passion for Quilts, which I co-authored with Barbara, Rita Erickson, and Natalie Hart.

The first night was an "ice breaker" where lots of quilts were exhibited, including two of mine: The Presidents Medallion and Mannahawkin Album.

One of my favorites was a Hexagon/Mosaic quilt belonging to the Burlington County Historical Society. Talk about fussy cutting!

There were vendors with lots of wonderful things (including a quilt that came home with me), a silent auction, and a live auction. The paper presentations ranged from WPA projects to tivaevae from the Cook Islands; all well researched and well presented. And there was lots of networking.

A Passion for Quilts flew off the shelves.

If you want to learn more about AQSG, check out their website To see more pictures from the seminar, have a look at Barbara Schaffer's blog and at Barbara Brackman's blog

If you'd like to know more about The Heritage Quilt Project of New Jersey, go to where you can also order a copy of A Passion for Quilts.


Nancy said...

Hi Rachel. Thanks for showcasing this book and those fabulous quilts. I love toiles and chintz and medallion quilts. I looked for a way to follow your blog via email subscription but don't see the gadget for it, not a way to contact you via email. I am in the Phila. area. We lost our best quilt shop in the area (Country Quiltworks) so now have to drive to NJ for a quilt shop.

Rachel said...

Glad you found me, Nancy. I love toiles and chintz and medallion quilts, too. Do you ever use feedblitz to follow blogs?