Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Little Shibori

In early April, I went to the Breaking New Ground Symposium co-sponsored by the Surface Design Association and Studio Art Quilts Associates. I saw new friends and old, went to the opening of the Elements exhibition, attended several thought-provoking sessions, went on a tour of galleries and Philadelphia University, and was lucky enough to take a shibori class with Jan Myers-Newbury.

This is a sink in the Wayne Art Center's restroom. Just love the grid!

This is some of the silk-screen storage in a workroom at Philadelphia University. If only I had that much space!

Here I am stirring the dye buckets in the shibori class.

These are my first results. I am so happy!

Three days of dyeing and this is a sample of my results. (Except for the tan and blue piece in the middle, which is by Judy Langille and is not shibori.) I learned a lot in this class. Jan is a great teacher: in addition to the shibori, I learned to NOT use paper towels to clean up. And I'm also reusing the plastic for batching.