Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Red (and White) Letter Day

On Saturday I spent a lot of time looking at quilts. First, I went to the American Folk Art Museum, Lincoln Square Branch, to participate in a quilt demonstration along with several other guilds in the metropolitan area. I was officially part of a somewhat unofficial though long-standing group lately christened the Montclair Late Night Quilters. We were the only group from NJ. Represent!

It was great not only to see some very starry quilts from the museum's collection, but also to meet and talk with other quilters and see what they're up to. (I still have hopes to get to the Masterworks exhibit at the main museum.)

Then I headed over to the Park Avenue Armory to see the wondrous exhibit of red and white quilts. Along the way, I had a chance to see the flower sculptures along Park Ave.

Then into the Armory, which in itself is a fantastic building. The exhibit was, indeed, a "veritable wonderland" of infinite variety. Six hundred and fifty red and white quilts displayed in a manner so unique it took your breath away. The quilts glowed.

Most of the quilts were pieced or appliqued. Interestingly, I counted about three in which the red was not a solid color. And there were also some quirky ones, including one of my favorites, an embroidered top, which I need to do some looking into (I didn't use either the iPad or iPhone app). For the moment I am referring to it as the "Smith Brothers" quilt due to all the men with beards. Although given all the exotic animals included, it could almost be a reference to an exploration, with maybe a Livingstone or Stanley pictured.

A close-up shows some interesting period dress.

If you have any opportunity today or tomorrow to see this exhibit, go, go, go! This was a wonderful gift to New York City from Joanna S. Rose in celebration of her eightieth birthday. Thank you Mrs. Rose!



Rayna said...

Glad you were able to make it into NY for the quilt stuff. Looks like a fabulous display and the bearded men quilt made me smile! Thanks -- I needed it!

Gayle Pritchard said...

Wow, it looks amazing. WIsh I could see it in person!

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing these. Love that over-the-top redwork. Ab-fab.