Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well Lit

Today the exhibit New Year = New Yearnings at the Watchung Arts Center in Watchung, New Jersey, is coming down. My work was included with that of 11 other New Jersey fiber artists including Rayna Gillman, Diane Savona, Judy Langille, Joanie San Chirico, Hollie Heller, and Joan Dreyer. (These are the ones who have websites.) Luckily I managed to get to the opening earlier this month to see everyone and savor the art (and the good food).

One of the most important things about any exhibit is the lighting. We were all pleased with the space and the lighting at the WAC. As you can see from this photo, my piece Imperial Palace was well lit and closely scrutinized.
Last week I was able to go to a gala performance of Elisa Monte Dance at the Joyce Theater in NYC. It has been so long since I've been into the city, let alone for a fascinating performance and lively reception afterward. At the reception, I sat next to the lighting director and it was interesting to talk with someone who was so knowledgeable about lighting. This is not a great photo--I used my phone--but, yes, that's the Empire State Building in the background. I would say it's pretty well lit. I had a good time and even though I had my first martini in months, I did not get well lit myself. And the service was so sneaky that my glass was cleared from the table before I could get to the olives--the best part.

I hope you noticed that I have managed to post twice in the same month--just barely. The knee is finally making progress. Now if it would just stop snowing/sleeting/raining every few days I could start to make my way around town more often.

Although I haven't done much fiber art work lately, I have updated my website, so please take a look.

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