Monday, January 28, 2008

A Good Dog

Our experiences make us what we are and, I believe, what our art is. One of my most difficult experiences was the decision I made six weeks ago concerning my beautiful English Springer Spaniel Missy. Just before Christmas she was diagnosed with cancer and within three weeks it was significantly worse. She was fourteen years old and had given and received much love and joy. She loved swimming in this Michigan lake where we go every summer, and she always insisted on having her own beach chair.

A couple of years ago I made this small wall hanging, which shows Missy with her "brother" Justin, the Shih-Tzu, who does not like swimming in the lake. He was with her at the end, and we all miss her.


TB said...

I empathize, and the quilt is a very nice tribute.

Rachel said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts, Twila. I really appreciate your post.