Friday, July 20, 2007

New Fabric, Part II

Thank you all for being so patient--well, not all of you were--to wait for Part II. Some of the fabric you will see in Part II has already made its way into a new series I'm tentatively calling Cosmos.
All the pieces remind me of photos I've seen of cosmic explosions that have been in magazines like National Geographic. But that's not where they started. I think they started with good fabric gone bad-- redyed, discharged, redyed, discharged--that eventually got better.

Here I am working on two small pieces, getting ready to discharge them.

Here's the one on the left, above, with discharge on it.

And here's that piece after discharge, with embroidery.

Here's another piece before discharge.

And here it is after discharge. Not sure where this is going.

This is the piece that started it all and will be the first in the Cosmos series.

Another time I'll show you how the little piece on the right in the first picture is evolving.
Stay tuned.


Rayna said...

Rachel, there is no question that you are way out in front with this stuff - it's great! You've found your calling. Can't wait to see it in person.

Joanie San Chirico said...


Your new work is spectacular!!